Robin Sloan

When asked if there is something special about her, Robin replies, "Yeah - I'm a star." At times keenly aware of her status as a developmentally disabled woman, Robin lives a life that is unique and filled with unusual circumstances. She is simultaneously naive and clever, oblivious and focused, child and adult. She faces great hurdles and challenges on a daily basis, yet is unflappable. She loves to dance, watch movies, play racing games on her computer, dine out, visit with friends and family, work at her job at Banana Republic and help take care of babies. Robin is compassionate, friendly, gregarious, accepting and charming. She is a true inspiration.

Don Mangruban

Robin's friend since elementary school.  Don flouts any reservations Robin’s staff and family have about their blossoming relationship to become her first boyfriend.

Ervin Cortes

Don's roommate and staff person.  Ervin supports Don in pursuing a romantic relationship with Robin despite objections from naysayers.

Pati Stoliar

From the time she was born, Robin's mom has been a devoted and attentive parent, going to battle on Robin's behalf for housing, work and professional support. Pati and Robin speak at least 3 times a day; she is a constant source of help and encouragement. When Robin gets lost or scared or runs out of cash, like all children, her first instinct is to run to Mom.

Bill Sloan

Robin’s Dad supports her in countless ways, from helping her to get a cell phone to checking in with her every week, to providing a therapist for her to overseeing her health care. 

Kathy Sloan

Robin’s step-mom gives Robin unlimited attention and supports and encourages her through constant phone calls and monthly visits. 

Alison Sloan

Andrew Sloan

Lisa Toney

Aldren Boorman

Lisa Markey

Kim Miller

Kevin Peak

Karen Searles

Shanoa Blot