Jennifer Kirmse (née Sloan), Producer/Director

After graduating from UCLA in Communications in 1993, Jennifer navigated the labyrinth of Hollywood for several years until she could no longer bear it. She fled to Italy, learned the language and how to cook a few tasty dishes, and returned to her native San Francisco home. She held several posts at various illustrious film festivals including the Mill Valley International Film Festival, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival. Believing she could put theory into practice, she worked as a Script Supervisor on several productions throughout the last decade. FOCUS ON ME is the culmination of Jennifer's study and work in film and video.

Salome Milstead, Trailer Editor

Is an accomplished editor with experience assisting on numerous exceptional films including: PARAGRAPH 175 and FIRST PERSON PLURAL, both of which appeared at Sundance. She worked on KPFA ON THE AIR as well.  She is currently producing her own documentary entitled HOLLYWOOD HORSES about the history of Hollywood's equine performers and the men and women who trained them.  Please see:

Marija Plavsic, Boom Operator

Marija has tremendous patience and skill as shotgun mic operator. Her commitment to the project is unwavering.

Tsilli Pines, Web Designer

Tsilli’s long list of published websites includes Niebaum-Coppola, Bowienet, No Doubt and Miramax.  Please see for more examples of her polished professional work and for her avant-garde personal work.